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Who We Are:

We are a company that is devoted and dedicated to Students with Disabilities (SWD) for the sole purpose of developing human potential and strength. Our mission is to assist school personnel and parents to create and develop a cooperative effort. An effort between them that is collaborative and imaginative with innovative personalized choices and strategies to improve their performance as teachers and parents, and ultimately improve their student’s and children’s educational lives. We will encourage and motivate school personnel and parents to help themselves, their students and children to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Focus & Areas Of Expertise:

Program & IEP Development; Data Analysis; Committee on Special Education (CSE) and the Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) Strategies; Strategies for cooperative and collaborative work between school personnel and parents.

Our Vision Statement:

All children will have the personal experience and opportunity to become who they wish to be.

Our Mission Statement:

Together, we believe that making a difference in our children’s lives will enrich all of us.

Our Clients:

We offer consultative support to Private Schools, Charter Schools, K-12 School Districts and Parents of children with disabilities.

Benefits Of Our Service:

Maintain and enhance teacher and administrative talent in a knowledge–based economy to personalize education for SWD; May contribute to lower program costs and legal fees; Mentoring and coaching to support the transfer of knowledge for school personnel about the CSE/CPSE process and federal laws; Develop practical strategies to assist school professionals to assess and analyze the impact of their educational decisions for SWD and parents; and understanding their rights as school personnel.

Assist parents to develop practical strategies to help their children at home, and to work with school personnel; Engage with parents about outside activities that will support and strengthen the biological, social and psychological well-being of their children; Cultivate relationships with current teachers/administrators to build trust; and mentoring or coaching strategies for parents to work with school personnel; and understanding their rights as parents.


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